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Embracing Chaos

Updated: Apr 9, 2019

You wake up at 6:30am in a panic, still foggy from the long night of feeding with the newborn, and realize that NOBODY is up yet, and you have to be ready and out the door in ONE hour!!! Yep. That was me ✋

6:30 am Holy crap, what to do first?? Breakfast, of course. Get breakfast on the table for the two older kids. Frosted flakes with milk and a banana for Ayla, the 5 year old. And dry flakes, banana, and chocolate milk for Lara, the 2 year old; they LOVED that yesterday. Good, looks great, I'm on a roll! Packing lunch for Ayla next. Good ole' PB&J never failed us before, so PB&J it is! Toss some snacks in her lunchbox, fill up her water bottle and we're good to go.

Coffeee!.... why didn't I start the coffee pot first?? Sigh. My husband usually makes this for me before he leaves 《complete godsend》, but he must have left in a hurry today too. This is one of those times when a Keurig would REALLY come in handy. {we don't have one! I drink too much to afford that k-cup bill, hahahaha}

And so there I stand, as it perks.. c'mon baby perk! I poured my coffee and just as I am headed up the stairs, tiny eyes meet mine. The girls are up!

Back down the stairs I go, with two littles in tow. I shuffled them to their seats and proudly presented their breakfasts. And let today be THE day that they don't like frosted flakes or bananas! TODAY of all the days, it's today. Sigh.. I pick up my head and trudge on. Ok. What'll it be sunshines? Frozen waffles? Score, you've got it. Coming right up! Breakfast is served; and I begin back up the stairs when I hear "can I have butter on mine?" followed by "me want butter too, and owange duice." And so back dooowwwn I go. Slap on some butter, pour the juice, and back up the stairs while they fill their tummies.

Successfully made it to the shower, and just as I get undressed down to the nothings.. the newborn, Nora, wakes. And she doesn't just wake dainty and peacefully. She is HANGRY. She wants to eat too! I grabbed my towel, wrapped up my self and my dignity and fed the baby just enough to hold her off for a bit. (I needed a shower!) Fifteen minutes later, I am finally feeling that warm water hit my face. There's something about a warm shower in the morning that is so relaxing, isn't there?? Except two minutes later, there's Lara, opening my curtain, asking for help to put her underwear on... So from the shower, I help her out. - Kudos to her for taking charge of getting dressed! I call that a win! - back to my shower.. and then I remember how little time I had left! Shoot!

7:05 am. I am literally racing the clock. Slap on some lotion, clothes for good measure, a few bippity boppity boos with my makeup, and pull my hair back in to what I have dubbed as the #funbun. It's the mess of hairs that have come to know their place in a hair tie, gathered loosely at the base of my head.. fun bun.

7:10 am. "Girls! Do you have your school clothes on?" two tiny Yes's ring out. I grabbed the baby, flipped off light switches in bedrooms on my way down the stairs, and am met at the bottom by Lara's cereal that she didn't want. It is conveniently now smashed in to tiny pieces at my feet. I have to look past it and move on. Mess cleanin' will have to wait 《as much as it's killing me inside to not be cleaning it up.》

7:15 am. I start the car to warm it up - it's still so cold out there! Isn't it Summer yet? Summer is SO much easier, isn't it?? Back inside, I strap Nora in her carseat while Ayla and Lara get their shoes on. Just as I click that buckle closed, she pooped. And I don't mean an easy one and done wipe. This is the ultimate blow out, gotta change all her clothes, hose her down type. So, off I go to get her fixed up!

7:26 am. Walking back to get Nora strapped in her seat, and Lara rounds the corner. She's shoe-less.. and also now sock-less.. what in tarnation?? LOL What is happening?! And then Nora spits up all down my front.. and you guessed it! This is also not an easy one and done wipe. It's a total shirt change. Hahaha, thankfully I had one handy in the diaper bag by the door.

7:28am. Nora is strapped in, and we put Lara back together, change my shirt and shuffle out the door at 7:31 am, as I look up and realize the TV and Kitchen light are still on. And they stay that way too! It can wait. Walking behind Ayla out the door, I notice a rat's nest in the back. So I ask, "did you brush your hair?" .. she forgot 🙈 No worries, I keep a comb in our bag just for that reason!

Remember that coffee I poured? Yeah, I forgot too! And so now it sets on the counter getting cold. 🤷‍♀️

As we're driving down the road, the girls request the Jesus CD (they have a Noah's Ark kid's songs cd). Of course I oblige, we all need a little Jesus in our life. Their tiny voices filled my car as we drove to school. Then suddenly all the chaos starts to fill my heart more than I ever thought chaos could. 🥰🥰

If you're having a rough morning, hang in there. You are amazing and you've got this! 🙌

Mommin' ain't easy ya'll!

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