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The Secret is Out!

How many times have you scrolled social media, and saw one of your friends promoting products that they sell? 🖐 I see them every day in my feeds!! Now how many times have you thought "oh boy, not another one 🙄". Yep! Also me 🖐 Complete honesty though; I fully support them for the work they do! They are passionate about it for a reason- it works for them and they must love it, or they would not be doing it. And I'm an avid supporter of small businesses! I am a small business owner too!

But, have you ever thought.. "what IF I just try the products they are promoting?". Truthfully, what could you lose by just trying the product?? Sometimes you lose a couple bucks if you don't like it. And sometimes you love it! Life's a gamble 🤷‍♀️ Here's what happened when I tried...

A friend of mine started promoting her hair products, Monat. Mo what? Monat, I have come to learn is a name derived from what their products are based on - Modern Nature! I scrolled past for a few weeks, and then saw that they had a 30 day money back guarantee. So, with my current love-hate relationship with my hair, (which decided to take a downward spiral after 3 kids), I took a chance and signed up as a V.I.P. shopper; I had nothing to lose!

I got the goods and immediately put them to the test! First, Monat's shampoos are developed with a wash twice method. The first wash, using just a dime-sized amount, breaks down all the junk and daily buildup. It most likely will NOT suds up and may feel like you don't even have shampoo in your hair - but you do! To wash correctly, you first emulsify the shampoo in your hands (fancy way of saying rub the shampoos between your hands!). You then apply it to the roots, massaging your scalp and work to the ends of your hair. Let it sit 2 minutes. Then repeat!

The second wash produces this incredible, invigorating lather! It's some sort of crazy magic that happens, and it's almost addicting. I seriously cannot wait for hair wash days! (I wash every 2-3 days!)

I could tell just by the first wash that this was a serious product. A+ from me! My hair instantly felt better. It dried faster, it laid better, and it FELT soft! I had been struggling with coarse, dry, brittle hair for so long that I just resorted to a bun every day. I had even nicknamed it my #funbun 😂😂

Fast forward to a couple weeks later, and here I am, a Monat Market Partner!! Yep, it's true! Monat has something that nobody else does. Their products are pure ingredients! And it's not just shampoo and conditioner for women. They have an entire haircare line for Men, Women, Children & Pets too!! Our whole family can benefit from this!

After being diagnosed with Lyme in 2013, I have been so conscious about what I put in my body, and in my family's bodies too. What you put in equals what you get out! I changed my lifestyle and my diet, but what I failed to see, was that my hair care needed a change too.

Monat perfectly aligns with the lifestyle I am passionate about! See more of my healthy lifestyle journey in my Facebook group: Be Fit, Be Well, Be You

My other passion is helping people! I love to bring joy to others, and I love to encourage people to reach their happiest self. Monat allows me to continue to travel that path of serving others!! And if doing this also generates income for me- that's an added bonus! Who doesn't love an extra paycheck?? I can't name anyone that would turn down some money!

Until July 4, 2019, Monat is offering some pretty amazing deals for new V.I.P.s and new Market Partners! I encourage and welcome you to join me on this journey!!

FREE V.I.P. enrollment until July 4! Normally a one time fee of $19.99.

You also get FOUR additional FREE products if you choose to sign up as a Market Partner!! A Market Partner means you're selling and gaining commission!

Join me today!! What do YOU have to lose?? Contact me and we can assess your hair needs!

P.S. If you've reached the bottom of this post, thank you for reading! I'll also throw in an extra $20 refund to you after you place your first order. Just mention it when you contact me ;-)



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