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Making Lemonade From Those Lemons

This past Sunday evening was a photographer's dream. Two sessions back to back, with some gorgeous lighting, not hot out... cool, but not frigid cold. I couldn't wait to get home and start working on edits of the Hensler and Hopkins sessions. I knew exactly which photos I wanted to share first!

But on my way home, I suddenly felt very ill and couldn't get warm. My heat was on high, full power, and heated seats were on too for my 50 minute drive home. My teeth were chattering the WHOLE time. It was the kind of cold that sinks to your bones and feels almost debilitating! Simply awful.

I got home, and mustered up enough energy to do a quick check for ticks, toss my sweats on, and climb in to bed.. only to be woken at midnight by a hungry baby. I stumbled to her room (feeling very off balance), and managed to feed and get her tucked back in to bed. Ok.. I may have watched her sleep for a bit too.. it's the BEST! ❤

After leaving her, I went downstairs to check my temperature and I was 104.4! You guys, I have NEVER had a fever that high! This is the time that I should tell you, the Friday prior, I was diagnosed with mastitis. If you're a Momma, you probably know what that is. If you don't know, it's like the flu times 2.. not kidding. Google it. At the time of my diagnosis it wasn't too bad at all; I caught it early. But, for some reason it waited two days to hit me hard. I was taking antibiotics as prescribed, but still got the worse of it.

Monday and Tuesday were tough. My symptoms were high fever, joint stiffness and pain, swollen neck glands, dizziness, and fatigue. I managed to function enough to get through some work on Monday, as well as volunteer for field day with my oldest baby - there was no way I was missing that! She's only in Kindergarten once. I made a commitment to her, I intended to keep it.

Field Day cellphone usie 🥰 Poor quality, I know. But a lovely memory!

Monday through Tuesday night were pretty much the same as Sunday night, with fevers from 102 - 104. I was honestly scared! Doctor said it was normal and continue medicine as prescribed, so I did.

This illness left me feeling like I wasn't even present. My body was so out of sync, and I just wanted to snuggle in to warm blankets and sleep! But, who can really do that and still be a mom to three girls who rely on me? My husband helps alot, and I am so thankful for him! He can't always be there though.

Wednesday finally brought some relief. The chill left my bones; a fever, fatigue, and swollen neck glands remained, but this small progress was a huge improvement. Finally feeling like I am on the upside of this battle! And another hit came while I was in the shower. I decided that while I was feeling good, I better shave my legs. Can only make a girl feel even better right? While closely shaving my right leg I spotted it. The sneaky, pesky little tick. That's right.. a tick 🙄😫 My heart sunk. If you've read my previous blog about my battle with Lyme, you will understand why.

I'm not 100% certain where I picked it up at, but I can only assume it was while taking photos on Sunday. I wore long pants, and sprayed before, but I didn't thoroughly check myself before falling in to my 3 day sickness abyss. And I hadn't noticed it in the shower prior, because I am virtually blind without my glasses (like Macaulay Culkin in My Girl). Thankfully, I remembered that a friend on Facebook shared a site that she used to send away a tick for testing! (Thanks, Holly!)

So instead of sitting around waiting for symptoms to show, or taking unnecessary antibiotics, I am sending this tick out to be tested. Here it is, just a tiny spot above the 1 cup line.

Once they test it, they will send results that tell you if your tick was a carrier of any of the infections that ticks can carry! I'm glad I saw it and was able to get it in a bag to send out.

So are you wondering where that lemonade from lemons is yet??

Well, here it is folks! This blog post is lemonade. Why? My experience gave me content can hopefully help other moms understand the symptoms of mastitis, and more importantly, know they aren't alone. It's hell, but you'll come out of it! Just trust the process and fight the good fight.

Second cup of lemonade? I am sharing the tick testing website with all of you! Testing is free, unless you choose more extensive options.

Enjoy your humpday evenings, and I'll see you back here next week for blog post Wednesday, and some gorgeous photos! ❤

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