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Zysset Wedding at Bush House Estate

It's ironic that I first met Andy & Carissa at Panera and now here I am at the very same place, writing their blog post and delivering their final gallery. And as I am writing this, I hear Carissa's voice behind me. It is Carissa! HOW funny is it that she is here to pick up lunch right now?! It's a stark reminder of the wonder, the magic of where our days, our lives can lead us to.

I can still remember seeing Carissa's bright smile for the very first time, and Andy's super laid back nature. It was no different than seeing them on their wedding day too. They carried the same demeanors, and it felt like we have known each other for years! They married at Bush House Estate, a mid-1800's mansion with 9 acres of secluded land, boasting with charm & elegance. Laughter filled the entire day, and smiles never left the faces of the entire congregation. Carissa's bouquet was adorned with Cross jewels from the necklaces of her late Grandmothers.

And there certainly is no party like a Kurtz - Zysset wedding reception! The dance floor was hopping from the first song to the last song, and I was not sad one bit! I love a good dance party, and even more than that, I love to photograph a good dance party ❤️