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Tom & Audrey's Countryside Celebration

Almost one year married, and they are finally properly celebrated!

Tom & Audrey married last May in an intimate ceremony at Tom's Parent's home. The circumstances of Covid caused them to scale back their original plans, but their life circumstances posed some urgency in continuing with a smaller ceremony instead. They originally married on May 30, 2020, surrounded by their closest family and friends - and most importantly, Audrey's Mother. Their intimate ceremony may not have been what they originally planned for, but it was exactly what they would later come to realize, was the perfect plan for them. After their wedding, they set out on an adventure of a lifetime in their van! They traveled the US, on probably the most EPIC honeymoon you could ever imagine! They hiked & biked some of the most picturesque places, and basked in every glorious mile along with their sweet pup, Hunter.

But, even though married, they could not imagine cancelling their big celebration, so continued with their reception plans, which went off without a hitch! The day was perfectly warm, with the sun kissing everyone's face. Smiles and laughter were in abundance, and the energy was so laid back. The stress of a traditional wedding day was not there, and all were able to fully enjoy every single moment! Audrey's gown was the same that she wore a year ago, except now, it was adorned with a straight pin from her late Mother. Though not physically present, her presence was felt all day long.

The guests were transported via bus from The Genetti in Williamsport, and they gathered in the main barn area as they watched Tom & Audrey's wedding video from the year prior. While not present on their actual day, the guests had the opportunity to experience the entire day from video. (Shout out to Glassed Up Studios for the video). Tom & Audrey watched from the balcony as their guests enjoyed the video, and were able to relive all those special moments too. They made their grand entrance down the stairs and greeted their guests at the front of the barn to announce that there was a special toast being given via video from their nephews, Palmer & Graeme. All cheered and the evening followed with guest photos, buffet style dinner from Real Taste Taqueria & Catering, sunset portraits.. and all the dancing to then incredible sounds of Clyde Frog Music! Audrey swayed across the floor so elegantly as Tom and her shared their first dance to All Your'n by Tyler Childers (sang by Clyde Frog Music).

May 30, 2020 The Day of Marriage

May 1, 2021 The Big Celebration