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Becoming Britton

Zane & Hannah first met at Penn College, and that's exactly the place they also tied the knot on their relationship to bring it full circle!

I loved their story so much and knew immediately that they were the couple for me. When we met over zoom to discuss the final details of their day, I had to let them know that I may not be the one shooting their actual day. You can imagine how bummed I was! But, life happens, and I believe all things will work out exactly how they are meant to be. We continued on with an associate shooting in my place, and I am so thankful she was able to capture my exact vision for Zane & Hannah's perfect day! She clicked with them in the same way that I did; creating magic behind the lens.

The Victorian House at Penn College is a hidden gem on the campus, and its Victorian Charm is on point. The grounds and home are the most beautiful backdrop for a wedding day. Their short & sweet ceremony was concluded with a ride on the Trolley, and one last stop at the entrance to recreate similar photos that were taken on their graduation day.

Congratulations Zane & Hannah! Here's a peek inside their perfect wedding day....

Photographer & Editor: Designs by Stein Photography

Associate Shooter: Organic Memories

Hair & Prep: Family & friends


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