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Chasing Meaningfulness

How many times have you started something, but never finished it? Or you started out with good intentions, but just stopped because you didn't achieve your desired result immediately?

🖐 Me. I have, many times over, I HAVE. It's frustrating.

I've always had big dreams and big goals. I knew I wanted to create something meaningful for my life, but getting there was hard. I didn't know how to even begin to figure out how to get to a place where life felt meaningful. My pattern was all or nothing. I kept chasing that end result without looking at the present moment, and kept failing. And what does failure often times lead to? Disappointment.

After years of stumbling, falling down, and learning the hard way; next to all the life experiences that have left me humbled after humility, compounded with motherhood and approaching my 30's, I KNEW change needed to happen. I needed to start with small goals to work toward the bigger picture instead of just chasing that one BIG end result every time.


I realized that the first step was figuring out what meaningful meant to me. What gives a person meaning in their life?? And that's just it! NOTHING, I repeat, NOTHING can GIVE you meaning in your life. Nope. Nothing!

Except yourself.

Think that sounds crazy? Buy a new car; does that make you feel good? You bet! It's new, it's fun, and even more fun to share and show. You worked hard and bought it; it should feel good. But, that doesn't last. Newness wears off and you'll find yourself wanting something more; so a few years later you buy again. And the same with any purchase, any life event, or any amount of money. You get instant gratification that just wears off over time.

What you can give to yourself is much more meaningful than any object, person, or item can give to you. When you take a few minutes each day to reflect on what you have accomplished, and what you have planned to accomplish, you find meaning. When you begin to look at each day as a privilege and not a right of passage, you find meaning. When you sit down and appreciate what you have versus what you desire, you find meaning. When familiar sights, tastes, and sounds take you back to your childhood happiness, you find meaning. When you look in to the eyes of your spouse, your children, your siblings; you guessed it; you find meaning.

"stop chasing good days, and adapt to find the good in every day" ~Katrina Stein~

You see, it was always those results of instant gratification that steered me each day. Through the realization that meaningfulness came from within ME, I started to grow. And grow I did. But you have to also know that it doesn't just stop there. You don't just find it one day and then it stays. It's a lifestyle change, not a life changing event.

You won't have good days every day! That's just not realistic. But you can find one good thing in each day. It doesn't mean you have to settle for what you have either. Keep those life goals in sight, always. As with all things life, this too, requires balance.

In this social media driven world, it can be quite challenging to focus on the good in our days. Comparison and self doubt are easy when you see how "well" others are doing. It makes it so much easier to be discouraged with your own progress. But what you may not know, is that behind those glorious images and posts, those people have their own struggles too. Stay focused, and stay kind.

If you're a teen in high school who is struggling to find your voice; SHOUT IT OUT! You CAN, and you will get through this. If you're in your twenties and trying to find your footing in this crazy world, KEEP STEPPING! If you're in your years of prime and find yourself in the crying river on the daily; cry it out and then SWIM. Whatever stage of your life; you CAN do this!

We all have at least one aspect of our lives that is meaningful. Start there.



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