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Brett + Coty Engaged

It's almost daily that I drive by the local college, and I always admire how beautiful the grounds are. While deciding where to shoot Brett & Coty's engagement session; it clicked! This would be the spot for their upcoming session.

When I first met these two, their playful nature and love for one another was quick to see. They love to laugh and adore each other in the way that every couple hopes to achieve. Those are total #goals for any relationship!

Coty and I chatted a bit about what they would wear in the days before their session, and I knew right then that her vision aligned with mine! They showed up to their session in this gorgeous attire that complemented each other so well. I just knew that THIS would be a beautiful gallery! I mean, I may be a bit bias, because I think all my sessions are beautiful, but this one in particular was exceptionally exciting. The scenery, the attire, but most importantly, that perfect love that they share, was a photographer's dream.

As you scroll through; I'm certain you'll agree.

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