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Bigelow Wedding at Millstone Farm & Inn

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

You often hear of love stories, and each unique in their own way. But what you don't often get is both to hear the love story, and to witness the love in that story.

With Connor & Katie, there's not a doubt that their story can be felt. And that's such a powerful connection to have; a bond that keeps a marriage strong.

Their wedding day came with trickles of rain, wind, sun, cloudy skies & torrential downpours too! I'm pretty sure that mother nature didn't spare us in any of those departments. Despite all those changes, each part of the day went off without a hitch! From the perfectly adorned barn details to the fresh cut wildflowers that Katie arranged herself, each part of their day was a reflection of their soft, laid back style.

As the speeches were given, it was so easy to come to the conclusion that these two are loved and adored so much by their family & friends. I especially loved hearing about how Connor approached is father in law about asking for Katie's hand in marriage. The laughs and smiles were definitely in abundance as we learned about how that played out on their camping trip. 😂❤️ We learned about Katie's heart and determined mindset, we learned of Connor's soft spots and the way he puts others first, and most of all, we learned just how perfectly they complement each other.

And all throughout the day, we were met with the presence of Connor's brother, Zachary. While not physically present; his presence was felt, and his memory kept alive as he stood beside his brother the entire day.

What a blessing to be a small part of such an incredibly beautiful day.

The moment they waited so long for! The Ceremony....

......and they danced the night away, but not without also sneaking in some gorgeous sunset and creek photos too!