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What Should I Wear?

☝️That's the number one question my clients ask before their session.

Photos are a big investment and you want to look your best, rightfully so.💃 There's no cookie cutter outfit style or color you should be wearing. Every session is just as unique as the people in the photos. Your style should shine through! Choosing attire can be daunting and overwhelming though.

What you wear isn't limited to your attire either. When you feel good, you look your best! Confidence is the best accessory for everyone. Whether preparing for your family, milestone, or engagement photo shoot, here are some tips to help you rock your session. 😉

Session Style Tips

FEEL Confident, While Being Comfortable.

Should you show up in sweatpants? Hahahaha. No, not quite THAT comfortable. I’m talking about that dress that hugs your curves in all the right places, or a flowy top with jeggings that never fail you. Guys, it’s those slacks that are pressed just right, paired with a jacket or blazer. If you’re more of the casual type, roll those sleeves on your button up shirt and keep the jacket in the car. Be sure your clothing accents the features of yourself that you like the best. Simple rule of thumb; if you don't feel good in it, don't wear it.

Less Matching, More Coordinating

Exercise your creativity! Mix up solids, large patterns, and accessories for harmony in your images. I know it’s easy to just grab white t-shirts and jeans for the whole family, but save that for the classic beach photos! Coordinate your colors instead of assigning exact color matching shirts for each. These portraits are an investment and should showcase your creative side, as well as your individuality.

Favor Pastels and Rich Colors

Neons, and bright colors tend to blow out in images. Steer clear of those! Stay in the pallete of pastels and rich colors for the best possible outcome.

Logos and Athletic Sneakers are for Lazy Days

Keep the logo tees for the gym or family picnic. We don’t want to advertise for companies, we want to showcase YOU! Your feet should get some love too. Put them in some shoes that pull your look together. Don't be afraid to go all out and get fancy either. Unless we are doing a session to showcase your fitness venture, you should opt out of lazy day and workout apparel.

Wait to try that new product

Dying to try the latest beauty buzz? If your session is close, wait until after to try it! What if it goes very wrong, or doesn’t meet your expectations? That could create a complex that you don’t want to carry with your during your entire session! You’ll forever look back on those images and remember how uncomfortable you felt. Keep the new beauty ventures for months before, or the days after your session.

Bring More Than One Outfit to Your Session

If you’ve booked a full session, you have time for an outfit change. Take advantage of the time and mix up your portraits with another look! Feeling unsure of which one? Bring a few and I can help you decide what to change in to.

Layer it On

When you layer, it creates dimension. It can be as simple as a long necklace, a flouncy scarf, or a blazer. The curls in your hair that fall below your shoulders, or the dress that flows from the waist down; simple layering works.

Keep the Details in Check

Polish or manicure those nails, and don’t be afraid to accessorize. I’m not talking baseball caps and sunglasses; they should stay at home. I mean earrings, necklace, a watch, bracelet or two and makeup if that’s your thing! Don’t forget to polish your jewelry, and ladies – get that ring shined! Also, a little lip gloss (chapstick for the guys!) can polish your look.

Rest, Fuel & Hydrate

Be sure to get plenty of rest the night before- completely self explanatory! We don't want parents or kiddos sleepy and disinterested. Be sure to eat before you come, and keep some clean snacks handy too. Clean snacks are anything that can be consumed quickly and easily if a snack break is needed. Hydration can also do wonders for your complexion! I don't recommend drinking 20 oz of water right before your session (hello potty break!), but be sure to properly hydrate in the days and hours leading up to.

Consider professional HMU (hair & makeup)

Why? Simple. HMU artists are fantastic at what they do. Having a professional pamper you before your session can create an extra layer of confidence; which will undoubtedly shine through in your session! Be sure to let them know what your style is, and even show them your outfit(s) so they can appropriately complement your style choices.

Brush Your Teeth

Yes, I'm serious! Personally, one of my favorite confidence boosters is brushing my teeth. There's something about a clean mouth that makes me feel good, and creates a wider, more confident smile! So, before you step out of the house, brush your teeth

Keep your stress at home

You’ve put in all the time with style planning beforehand and can count on me for the rest! Leave the stress behind and just plan to enjoy every second in front of my lens while we create magic together! When you look back on your images, you should be able to remember how happy, excited, and confident you felt.



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