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Miller Family - Rose Valley Lake

When we first scheduled this Family session, it was with all intentions of hitting the peak of Fall, with some sun-kissed glow. But as the day arrived, we found ourselves looking at overcast and constant drizzle. We made the decision to postpone a week, and I am SO glad we did.

The first time I met the Millers was when their sweet Ava just turned one. They came to me to have her one year photos documented. I can remember it like yesterday; she crawled around in the grass, so carefree and happy. She was the sweetest baby with a smile that was infectious.

Year two (and a couple months) brought much of the same carefree spirit, a smile that lights up the room, and it was clear to see that she is a total Daddy's girl. I have three girls of my own that are total Daddy's girls, and let me tell you, it is swoon-worthy! Her spunk and energy are totally something to be envious of! Can I bottle that up and keep it for myself? If only!

Spending time with them was like spending time with old friends. They are the most easy-going family, and so easy to talk to. Their love for each other, and bond made them total naturals in front of the camera!

I love to watch them grow together as a family, and can't wait to see what we create next year!

XO, Katrina

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