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~ Hopkins Family ~

Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I first met the Hopkins family after Sawyer's 2nd birthday, when they were a family of three. I knew almost instantly that their photos would be some of my favorite. Sawyers spunky nature, Lacey's charming smile, and the way that Corey adores his family were plain to see. Since that first session, I've also had the joy and honor of capturing their picture-perfect family again and again. I am so grateful that they chose me to document their pregnancy announcement when they were expecting their sweet girl, Emersyn, also allowed me to share in the joy of capturing their maternity session, and most recently, their family of FOUR, with little Emmie now 6 months old.

You guys, this is what I live for. Moments like this that I get to share with people! They didn't have to choose me, but they did, and I am so glad to be a small part of their lives.. even for just an hour at a time. Watching them grow up, grow together, and grow in numbers is something that a price tag just can't define.

As I fully expected, Sawyer brought all his spunk along to this session (one of my favorite traits about him!). They aren't little for long, and being able to document all his innocence and laughter fills my soul. Emmie, not so tiny anymore, is such a beautiful girl! She, without a doubt, loves her family so much. Each time she heard their voices, she perked up and smiled.. sometimes with her eyes, sometimes with her whole self. Regardless of how she did it, it was capital A, Adorable!! Lacey and Corey moved about effortlessly, caring for their littles, and making this parenting thing look like a breeze! (show me your ways!)

Their magic, combined with the sun-kissed light, created a beautiful foundation for this gorgeous session by the Lake.

Location | Rose Valley Lake

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