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Baby Ava - Maternity

I've come to realize that this is probably one of the most spectacular events of your life. From that positive test, through all the months of carrying, to the final delivery, this part of the journey of parenting is an astounding experience. There's truly nothing that can compare, in my opinion.

In just nine (technically 10) short months, your body has created a whole person, a tiny life that will now join you in the world. This precious baby, once just a microscopic life, now a full person that you have the privilege of calling yours. How amazing is that??! Simply put - a woman's body is a temple.

I am so blessed to share in these moments with my clients!! Documenting such a monumental time in their life is such an honor for me.

It was such a perfect Spring day for their session. The air was fresh & cool, and the temperature was as perfect as Spring can bring. The leaves were full on the trees, and the sound of the birds in the background created a calming atmosphere. Danielle and Dylan posed effortlessly and were a dream to photograph! Their gentle demeanor, and kind spirits will undoubtedly be passed on to their sweet girl too.

Congratulations Danielle + Dylan! Baby Ava is so blessed to have you as her parents!

Location | Riverfront Park, Montoursville

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