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Seth + Andrea at the Lake

I've known Seth & Andrea for quite some time, but had never had the opportunity to capture their memories. When Andrea mentioned that this year marked their 11 year wedding anniversary, I just had to give them an Anniversary session!! And so I did! We scheduled their session by the Lake, and though we had to reschedule once due to rain, I believe it was meant to happen that way. The rescheduled date brought us cooler temps and a nice breeze to complement this already gorgeous session.

These two are the perfect model for what marriage should be. They give and take as equals, and do that with respect and love for one another. They are also incredibly hilarious and have even started their own YouTube Channel to document Seth scaring Andrea. She scares so easily! Check them out here:

Seth & Andrea are also parents to the two most polite, adorable children you'll ever meet. Saul & Scarlett are so full of life, energy, and so much love for their family. When Andrea asked for some family shots as well during their session; it was an immediate yes from me! {I love kids!}

I just know they''ll cherish these moments for a lifetime!

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